Flexibility of HMOs

If you’ve not heard much about HMOs, then you may not fully appreciate the flexibility that they can offer tenants.

Because many people are looking for rented accomodation on a short term basis, due to job contracts, changes in relationships or living arrangements, HMOs can offer tenancy agreements from as little as a few months. Here at Best Nest, we consider all requests for shorter than average lets on our rooms to rent and will try to accommodate wherever we can. 

In general, tenants tend to sign for either 3 or 6 months, but should they need, or choose, to stay longer, they simply move to a periodic monthly tenancy once their initial fixed term has ended. This provides the ultimate flexibility in how long a tenant lives in a HMO and with only a month’s notice needed to vacate the rented room, the contract can be ended to suit your needs.

Alternatively, should a tenant wish to sign for another fixed term, that is also an option, which can be helpful if tenants want security or need a registered address with proof of an up-to-date contract, in order to apply for visas, etc.. 

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