HMOs – Houses of Multiple Occupancy

If you’ve never heard of the term HMO, then you’re probably wondering what it means. HMO is short for House of Multiple Occupancy – a shared house. This is a property where two or more people live, who are not from the same family.

In most shared houses the bills are included in the rental price, which makes it very convenient and easy to manage financially. It also means that you know exactly what you’re paying every month, rather than costs fluctuating. Household bills cover your utilities – gas, electricity, water – council tax and you may also get broadband included.

The only other cost that may be required, is a deposit. This should be protected by the landlord through the use of a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Shared houses are also easy and convenient for other reasons. Most are fully furnished and even include pots, pans, crockery and cutlery, so everything is already in place for you to move in and live. They also allow for shorter tenancies, meaning that if you’re on a short term contract with work, you’re not committed to a longer term tenancy.

Maintenance of the properties is usually covered by the landlord, or agency working on their behalf, and so you don’t need to worry about sorting out broken boilers, phoning insurance companies or organising tradepeople to come to your house.

All in all, renting a room in a shared house is a great way to live, whether you’re working somewhere short term, or just getting yourself your own space and independence.

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