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With years of property investing experience, our directors have valuable knowledge and expertise in sourcing the perfect property and transforming it to suit their intended tenants. They know the type of property that will work as a HMO, they know the local areas and understand the councils’ requirements within those areas. One of our directors – Wendy Whittaker-Large – now shares her knowledge, success and experiences through a variety of platforms, helping and inspiring others to invest in HMOs.

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Expertise and experience

Wendy Whittaker-Large

Wendy has had articles featured through prominent HMO publications, written two books, is a regular speaker at property events, has her own You Tube channel and runs a very successful HMO mentoring programme.
If you want to learn how to administer the whole process yourself, from property purchase to profit, then check out Wendy’s Ultimate HMO Success System. This teaches you all you need to know about investing in HMOs and takes you through it all step by step.