Mould Management

In winter time especially, moisture can cause a problem inside properties. Not all tenants ventilate their rooms and this is understandable when the temperature outside is freezing! However, it is important for the moisture to have some means of escape in order to prevent the build up of mould and to educate tenants about this.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the main culprits in terms of moisture-producing rooms within a house, but cooking and showering aren’t the only causes. Hanging damp washing over radiators is a large source of moisture, as well as heat from inside, hitting cold window panes, resulting in condensation.

Below are some ways in which rooms and homes can keep moisture to a minimum and prevent mould developing:

  • make use of extractor fans and cooker hoods when showering and cooking
  • make sure that the house is kept warm – a minimum of 18 degrees should be maintained
  • dry clothes on drying racks or in tumble dryers, not directly on radiators
  • ensure any small trickle vents are open to enable a small level of ventilation
  • it seems obvious, but open windows so that excess moisture can be released, especially in bathrooms and kitchens
  • allow air to move within and between rooms, by making sure rooms are not cluttered.

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