Rain, Rain, Go Away …

With weather such as we are experiencing at the moment, it is important as landlords and property management companies, to keep a close eye on things and check properties’ roofing, gutters and drains. If blocked, gutters and drains can cause excess water to build up or flow elsewhere, potentially causing a leak in your house. Alternatively, damage to gutters, roofs and drainpipes are also going to provide possible problems.

It is a good idea to visit your properties when it is raining, as you are more likely to discover any issues than when it is a lovely day! You can see if water is running down a wall that it shouldn’t, or dripping from a leaky piece of guttering.

And if you do find that the property has issues, you can deal with it quickly, therefore preventing further and longer term damage, which could be more costly in the end.

– Check gutters are free-flowing and remove leaves and debris

– Look for any damage to the roof: slipped or damaged tiles

– Ensure drainpipes are free from blockages and drains are clear

– Repair or replace any damage as soon as possible

– Keep an eye on the condition of the brickwork and mortar

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